a string of incense, a wisp of smoke: Handmade Incense Workshop


Incense plays a vital role in Tai Hang Fire Dragon Dance. Burning incense can purify the space, stabilise the mind and calm the nerves, which has been gaining popularity as a form of therapy. In the workshop, artist Max Cheng will provide insights into various aspects of handmade incense, including its history, cultural significance, production process, tools, materials, molds, and more. Participants will learn from the traditional method of making incense and incorporate different types of woody or herbal plants to create their own incense.

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Max Cheng

Graduated from The Academy of Visual Arts at the Hong Kong Baptist University, Max Cheng creates art with the sense of smell, mostly uses installation and mixed media as the medium. He emphasises on the value of object itself and uncovers creativities in daily life.

He established okapi studio after graduation and travelled to China, Japan, Nepal and India to learn about different types of incenses. He collaborates with charities and different organisations to produce scent products, holds incense-making workshops and organises local farm docent tours and exhibitions. Through various activities, Max aims to promote the multi-facet of “incense culture” and the idea of “closing the loop” by making incense from natural ingredients and utilising incense ash as fertiliser.

He sets up “Lin Heung House” with senior alumnus to offer a place for incense-making experience. okapi studio encourages the public to get close to the nature and be expressive with a pair of hands.


Date and Time① 26 November (11:00 AM – 1:00 PM)
② 26 November (3:00 PM – 5:00 PM)
③ 3 December (10:30 AM – 12:30 PM)【New Session】
ArtistMax Cheng
Duration2 hours
VenueTai Hang Fire Dragon Heritage Centre, 12 School Street, Tai Hang
Quota10 per session
FeeFree admission
(To save the materials, deposit $100 will be collected.)
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