Always a Bottle at Home—Vin de home: Whiskey on Local Fruit Wine


Shek Kong Barracks left behind a history of cultural interactions. Pair whisky with local fruit wine over conversations across cultures. 


※ Pre-registration required.


Ray Chan See-kwong

Ray Chan See-kwong, a “clay experimentalist,” derives inspiration from food culture and cooking processes for his ceramic creations. With a diverse background in mathematics, singing and actuarial practice, Ray brings a unique perspective to his ceramic art. He merges baking and ceramic making in his exhibition B(read) and combines traditional salt-baking techniques with ceramics in the project Hi! Houses. In his recent exhibition, Vin de Hakka, Ray intertwines wine brewing and clay-making, infusing his ceramic works with elements of fermentation and wine culture. Through his innovative approach, Ray demonstrates the endless possibilities of ceramics beyond traditional forms.


Date and Time23 March 2024 (Saturday)

2:30–4 PM
*Please arrive A Few Moments・Youth Hub, Kam Tin at 2 PM if you wish to take the free shuttle.
Duration1.5 hours
Fee$100 (A $50 deposit will be refunded to participants if they attend the event as scheduled.)
Remarks* The activities welcome all. Wine tasting is offered to adults over 18 only. Please be mindful of your health conditions.

* Activities are held all over Yuen Long. If you are joining more than one activity, please reserve sufficient time for travelling from spot to spot.
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