in the village lies a continent: Afro Express


Join the artist to have a taste of his journey over the past few months! Venture to "Yuen Long Africa" and embark on a Hong Kong-Africa exchange.


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Yip Kai-chun

Yip Kai-chun has a trash can stomach and dares to chow down anything. No matter how busy, he always remembers to eat. He had zero cooking experience before age 28 and couldn’t even cut ginger and cook instant noodles. Some earlier art projects got him to make rice dumplings, ground tea, amethyst jelly and Hakka yellow wine. Before On the Plain of Plenty, he had never heard of the little Africa in Yuen Long. He had tried less than a dozen of African dishes.


Date and Time17 & 24 March 2024 (Sundays)

3:30–5:30 PM
* Gather under the paifang of Law Uk Village, Wang Toi Shan
Duration2 hours
LanguageCantonese, English
Remarks* A secret mission will be given to participants in the confirmation email.

* Activities are held all over Yuen Long. If you are joining more than one activity, please reserve sufficient time for travelling from spot to spot.
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