Wander: An Evening at 1983—Firewood, Instant Food, Spotlight


In a hypothetical state of emergency, convenience stores and supermarkets become contingent storage of major staples.

The raid snatches a time-saving feast with fancy packaging! Here and now, a bonfire in the concrete jungle burns as the civilisation dissolves. People cook water with firewood for all kinds of cup noodles, with loads of packaged food on the side. In the spotlight, while cooking and eating cup noodles, they tell their thoughts.


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Tang Kwok-hin

Tang Kwok-hin grew up in a walled village in Kam Tin. Reticence cultivates a habit of remembering, feeling and knowing with the senses. Since his graduation from the Department of Fine Arts, CUHK in 2008, he has been immersed in creative environments, contemplating both life and art. In 2019, he founded 1983 to give room to exchange and dialogues among people. Food is always a medium on such occasions. It brings people together and evokes memories of numerous film and TV scenes where individuals, broken by catastrophes and seeking survival, gather around dining tables. This prompts Tang Kwok-hin to question: Why do we come together?



Date and Time 17, 24 & 31 (Sundays) March 2024

5:15–8 PM (Gather at A Few Moments・Youth Hub.)
Duration2 hours 45 minutes
Fee$100 (A $50 deposit will be refunded to participants if they attend the event as scheduled.)
Remarks* Only accommodates visitors aged 18 or above.

* Activities are held all over Yuen Long. If you are joining more than one activity, please reserve sufficient time for travelling from spot to spot.
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