"Arts in the City: On the Plain of Plenty" Press Release

08 Mar, 2024

Arts in the City: On the Plain of Plenty

Depth of Flavour in a Loaded Place 

9 to 31 March 2024

Various locations, Yuen Long District Experience an artistic feast

(HONG KONG, 8 March, 2024) Following the success of the inaugural art walk of the Arts in the City -- Small Valley TAI HANG, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) launches its second art walk --  On the Plain of Plenty in Yuen Long today. Designed by local curator Stephaine Cheung, Chan Tsz-lam and Zoe Hong, On the Plain of Plenty will be held from 9 to 31 March 2024, guiding the general public and visitors of Hong Kong to experience six site-specific artistic creations in Yuen Long. Guided tours and a variety of immersive arts activities are available for participants to discover Yuen Long through the lens of art and gastronomy.


On the Plain of Plenty    Ignite your artistic taste buds


In the past, the Chinese characters of Yuen Long were literally "On the Plain of Plenty". The alluvial basin, encompassing Kam Tin and Pat Heung to the east, Shap Pat Heung and Tai Tong to the south, Ping Shan and Hung Shui Kiu to the west, and Wang Chow and Tai Sang Wai to the north, is a rare expanse of flat land in Hong Kong. Well irrigated and fertile, it has bountiful harvests under the blazing sun. The legend goes that rice from its paddy fields was offered to the emperors. Over time, various ethnic groups settled, infusing the air with the aroma of home cooking from close and afar. As the new town emerged, eateries sprout along the main road. People can affordably enjoy a hearty feast.


Stephanie Cheung, curator of On the Plain of Plenty, said “On this plain of the plenty, we savour the care people and land give to each other, choices of life, commitment to inheritance, irrecoverable changes, relocations…Now destined to become part of the Northern Metropolis, the plain of the plenty is in a state of flux. In this moment, how can we savour this place with artistic sensibility? These flavours are not only telling of Yuen Long, but also Hong Kong.”


Ms Winsome Chow, Chief Executive of the HKADC, said "The launch of the first art walk small valley TAI HANG  of the Arts in the City Scheme last November received overwhelming response from locals and visitors. Guided tours and workshops were fully booked. After months of preparation, the second art walk On the Plain of Plenty is now ready to take you away from the hectic city life to experience the cultural charm of the rural area, to appreciate the beauty of Yuen Long from a brand new perspective through an array of site-specific artistic creations and arts activities."


Chewing on food-related sites, six artists have cooked up our “Main Courses”. Ray Chan See-kwong (ceramic art), Tim Chan Ting-cheung (sound/installation), Monti Lai Wai-yi (environmental art), Cho Wing-ki (printmaking), Tang Kwok-hin (mixed media) and Yip Kai-chun (media arts) each bring their unique artistic expressions to the table, inviting participants to savor the essence with all five senses.


The "Six Main Courses" are an absolute feast for the senses, offering a blend of colour, fragrance and flavour. They feature “In The Pond Of Indifference” by Tai Sang Wai X Tim Chan, “Paddy-Go-Home” by Seeds Lab X Monti Lai Wai-Yi, “Enduring Taste” by Pun Chun Sauce And Preserved Fruit Factory X Cho Wing-Ki, “Always A Bottle At Home” by Bei Bei Book House X Ray Chan See-Kwong, “in the village lies a continent” by Hong Kong African Association X Yip Kai-Chun, and “Wander” by A Few Moments・Youth Hub X Tang Kwok-Hin. These experiences are sure to leave you with endless memories to savour.


“One the Side” is a dramaturgical presentation of small bites en route from Yuen Long town centre to Little Southeast Asia, Ping Shan and Lau Fau Shan. “Chefs’ Recommendations” stocktake culinary mementoes of the collaborating art and cultural practitioners. Sharing makes taste better -- while filling your plate in this arts tour, you can share memorable flavours on a limited-edition postcard and on social media.


Prior to starting your artistic adventure, take a moment to explore the one-stop art tour website "Arts in the City" and browse through the "menu" of the On the Plain of Plenty art tour (http://www.artsinthecity.hk). Get ready for your journey and indulge your mind and body. Additionally, a variety of workshops, experiential activities and exhibitions are available for registration. Be sure to make registration as seats are served on a first-come-first-served basis. (Registration link: www.popticket.hk/event/on-the-plain-of-plenty).


Please relish the depth of flavour in this loaded place. Bon appétit!



About “Arts in the City”
“Arts in the City” is a project incorporating the uniqueness of arts, culture and tourism to provide a novel arts and cultural experience for both locals and travellers. The new initiative empowers us to reimagine and explore Hong Kong from different perspectives. After months of research and on-site visits, the curatorial teams and artists have designed two “Art Walks” in Tai Hang and Yuen Long, guiding participants to explore the hidden artistic gems in every corner of the district and discover the vibrant artistic colours of the city. The inaugural route Small Valley TAI HANG was successfully completed in November 2023. The route not only garnered significant media coverage but also attracted more than 51,000 visitors.


Another highlight of “Arts in the City” is its one-stop Arts x Tourism website http://www.artsinthecity.hk). It documented the artistic works of various Arts Walks, enabling the general public and visitors to choose their favourite “Art Walk” via mobile phone and embark on their own journey at any time to explore the history of the community and appreciate the work and performances of the artists.


About Hong Kong Arts Development Council 
Established in 1995, the Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) is a statutory body set up by the Government to support the broad development of the arts in Hong Kong. Its major roles include grant allocation, policy and planning, advocacy, promotion and development, and special projects. The mission of HKADC is to support and promote the development of 10 major art forms in literary arts, performing arts, visual arts as well as film and media arts in Hong Kong. Aiming to foster a thriving arts environment and enhance the quality of life of the public, HKADC is also committed to facilitating community-wide participation in arts and arts education, encouraging arts criticism, raising the standard of arts administration and contributing to policy research.

Information of “Arts in the City” is available on the official website: http://www.artsinthecity.hk.


For “Arts in the City” updates and news, please follow:
Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/artsinthecityhk
Instagram: http://www.instagram.com/artsinthecityhk


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