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08 Dec, 2023

Video Link: 「城中藝遊」計劃 - 「大坑小城」製作花絮 | Arts in the City – small valley TAI HANG Making Of


small valley TAI HANG

Hong Kong Arts Development Council (HKADC) proudly presents a brand new project -- Arts in the City from November 2023 to April 2024. Two art walks will be launched in Tai Hang and Yuen Long respectively.

The first art walk, small valley TAI HANG utilises Tai Hang's historical tapestry as muse, community space as vibrant canvases and the bonds of community as inspiration for artists, architects and the local community to join hands, offering unique experiences for the general public and visitors to explore traces of arts in Tai Hang. Participating artists and arts groups include Louis To Wun (bamboo sculpting), Max Cheng (craftsmanship), Hira Hira (paper crafting), Zoe Siu (weaving) and Tim Chan Ting-cheung (sound/installation).

The artworks are distributed throughout various corners of the community, including “Honouring the Past and Inspiring the Future” of Louis To Wun and Tim Chan Ting-cheung, “Stay In A Moment With Incense” of Max Cheng, “Flowing Years” & “Weaving Future” of Zoe Siu and “Little Happiness in Tai Hang” of Hira Hira.

Behind the scenes will show you more about this Journey of Art Across Chrono through the preparation process of the curatorial team and artists/arts groups in Tai Hang.

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small valley TAI HANG Highlights of Events
small valley TAI HANG Highlights of Events
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